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Wiltopia Wolf

Wiltopia Wolf

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  • Did you know Wolves live in packs and are very social and loyal animals. Their packs are similar to our families and usually consist of mother, father and the children. The parents, male and female, stay together for life and lead the pack together. Wolves have extraordinary senses and can hear other wolves over a distance of up to nine kilometres. They can also see very well at night and are fast. During their raids, they can reach speeds of 45 to 50 kilometres per hour. That's as fast as a car may go through town.

  • Wiltopia invites children to discover exciting regions of our world worth protecting as well as their numerous animal inhabitants. Moreover, it combines play and learning in a unique way. The set includes a wolf, a log of green, a bone and an animal knowledge card. The figure can tilt its head and move all four legs separately.

  • An extra dose of knowledge: the Wiltopia web app offers additional great audio and video content and takes children into the animals' habitats. 

  • Wiltopia - Wonderful for the environment: Wiltopia is the first PLAYMOBIL product line to be made of more than 80% sustainable materials on average.
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