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Water play table

Water play table

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  • This Fairplace water play table, designed by Fairplace itself, is made of Multiplex Birch wood. This material is at least 70% FSC labeled.
  • The game consists of a wooden table with recesses for water and sandboxes. There is 1 lid that you can slide over the bins.
  • The water play table is over a meter long (105cm), 45cm deep and 55cm high.
  • Designed for children aged 3 to 6, but anyone with a young heart can play!
  • Even if it is a water table, you can also fill the bins with sand, corn, cork, ... anything that is playable for children.
  • The table is a design by Michiel Vandamme, student at IPO Howest and is made in Kruis (wood) em by Matthias Hambsch of Hout-o-Matic. Everything local, sustainable and traditional!
  • Easy to move due to the 4 small wheels.
  • This version is not oiled, so best suited for indoor use.
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years old and never leave your little ones alone near the water basin. Always have an adult nearby.
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Fairplace heeft duurzaam speelgoed met hoge speelwaarde

Bij het selecteren van ons speelgoed baseren we ons altijd op 2 criteria: hoe duurzaam is het (eco, bio, fair, educatief) en hoe leuk is het voor kinderen (speelwaarde, spelplezier).