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Vierde doeboek voor kleine nerds

Vierde doeboek voor kleine nerds

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  • We at Fairplace have been fans of Lieven Scheire and Henk Rijckaert for a long time and they are also a bit of us. 
  • These weird inventors teamed up with some more Nerdlanders, that's what they call themselves, and in the meantime they wrote a fourth book full of challenges.
  • These challenges are again situated around 10 other themes: James Webb, Fossels, Bites & Bytes and a lot more.
  • Concretely, it's about facts, things you can see and discover outside and inside, puzzles, experiments you can do yourself, word searchers, maze, secret codes to crack, building plans ...
  • Ideal to spend vacations and free days and hours of fun and learning! Up to 112 pages thick.
  • For up-and-coming inventors and techies from the age of 10.
  • Tested and approved by our Fairplace nerds. 
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Fairplace heeft duurzaam speelgoed met hoge speelwaarde

Bij het selecteren van ons speelgoed baseren we ons altijd op 2 criteria: hoe duurzaam is het (eco, bio, fair, educatief) en hoe leuk is het voor kinderen (speelwaarde, spelplezier).