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BERG gocarts

Tandem Trailer L

Tandem Trailer L

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  • A go-kart becomes even more fun in combination with a trailer. The BERG Tandem Trailer L is made for the BERG Buddy and Rally platform. The trailer is unique because of its color, the double wheels on both sides and the tipping function.
  • You can easily take all your stuff with you. The Tandem Trailer L measures 124 x 67 x 34cm.
  • You can transport up to 10 kg in it. That is quite a bit of material.
  • The trailer can easily be attached and detached behind the go-kart.
  • All Berg go-karts and trailers radiate sustainability. Strong and robust and they can take a beating. All parts are replaceable.
  • Tested and approved by our Fairplace testing team.
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