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Crayon Rocks

Soy wax crayons in a box (32x2 pieces)

Soy wax crayons in a box (32x2 pieces)

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  • Box with 64 pieces of natural waxes, made from soybeans, in 32 colours.
  • The colors are completely obtained with natural pigments.
  • The crayons have a special handle, which makes it even easier for toddlers to color, the so-called 'pen grip'.
  • The soft colors ensure that you can create beautiful overlapping color areas. In contrast to normal wasco's, the Crayon Rocks are not sticky.
  • Comes in a sturdy cardboard box with 32 colours. So 2 wax crayons per color.
  • Tested on various surfaces by our would-be Picassos and approved.
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