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Slackline basic 2 (15m)

Slackline basic 2 (15m)

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  • This complete slackline set from Slackstar is ideal for novice slackliners and children.
    The set contains:
    - comfortable wide strap of 50 mm and 15 m long and a ratchet with safety catch and 2 m ribbon for tensioning.
    - a backpack to store everything
  • Novice slackliners benefit from a rigid, tightly stretched slackline with a not too great stretched length. You can stay on that the fastest or take a few steps.
  • This slackline from Slackstar has been tested by the German TÜV and is therefore super safe, although you can of course still fall off in the beginning.
  • Slackstar is made in Germany by a manufacturer of safety fuses for trucks.
  • Suitable for children from 8 years old.
  • Tested between 2 sturdy trees and approved.
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