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Scooter red La Cosa 2

Scooter red La Cosa 2

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  • This scooter from Italtrike is one of the La Cosa 2 series. The La Cosa is a very attractive, flexible and manoeuvrable walking scooter that has been specially designed for use in the home or flat.
  • This tricycle can be used as a walking bike until your child is big enough to use the pedals. Only then do you mount the pedals. Under the saddle is a small storage space where you can store the pedals or some other toys.
  • Italtrike is an Italian family company that specialises in making children's bicycles and balance bikes. The La Cosa stands out because of its robust design. Not only does it look sturdy, it is sturdy too. The La Cosa is designed and made in Italy.
  • Italtrike makes strong and sturdy (walking) bikes and pays great attention to people and the environment when producing its toys. Recycled packaging, green energy, 100% recyclable walking bikes.
  • Besides this scooter version, there is also a flower version.
  • Suitable for children from 1 year old. 
  • Tested on the Fairplace test track and approved.
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