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Reppy BMW

Reppy BMW

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  • This Berg Reppy BMW is made for real go-cart fans. It is super tough and sturdy and you can also drive it backwards via the special drive system.
  • The Berg Reppy BMW got the official look of the BMW M-series: white with the characteristic striping.
    The tires are made of super quiet EVA, so you can drive both indoors (if there is enough space) and outdoors. As a result, they are also not punctures to drive.
  • The handlebars are easily adjustable, so that this Reppy grows with your child. The saddle is a real bucket seat, easy to move in 4 positions.
  • The dimensions: 49x23x70 cm and it weighs 9 kg.
  • Comes in a DIY kit (a complete chassis, to be completed with steering wheel, wheels, ...) and with simple and clear manual.
  • Suitable for children from 2.5 to 6 years.
  • Nice gadget: a soundbox is integrated into the steering wheel, with different sounds: starting, braking, ....
  • Tested by our Fairplace test drivers and they just keep driving in circles...
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