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HABA The key - De roof in Cliffrock villa

HABA The key - De roof in Cliffrock villa

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  • In the detective crime game The Key - Robbery in the Cliffrock Villa by HABA, the players take on the investigative work and combine the clues to the perpetrator, the time of the crime, the loot and the escape route. In the end, they must generate the correct number code and thus put the robbers behind bars. It is not necessarily the fastest, but the most efficient researcher who wins. Because every game round is different, the attractiveness to play again is very high. Beginning detectives in particular will get their money's worth with this easy game variant of The Key.
  • Maximum 4 players but you can also play alone.
  • Contains: 4 screens, 4 pens with eraser, 4 research folders, 9 wooden keys, 1 solution board, 140 cards, 1 manual.
  • Every game is different
  • From 8 years old
  • Tested and approved by our Fairplace detectives.
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