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HABA Helden van het maanlicht

HABA Helden van het maanlicht

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  • HABA Helden van het maanlicht is a party game for children aged 6 and over, where you try to replace the gems of the wizard Zirroz with colored pebbles.
  • Fascinating sliding mechanism always brings new gems into play
  • Includes variant for beginners and advanced users
  • Includes: 1 3D castle, 1 Game board, 1 Cloth bag, 60 Cardboard cards, 1 Slide card, 4 Resource cards, 28 Road cards, 5 Playing figures, 4 Screens, 1 Start player marker en1 Manual.
  • From 6 years old
  • Tested and approved by our Fairplace board game team.
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