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Wiltopia Tiger

Wiltopia Tiger

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  • Did you know Tigers are the biggest, heaviest and probably most dangerous big cats. The longest tiger ever discovered was 3.50 metres long, almost as long as a small car. A Siberian tiger can weigh up to 400 kg, which is about the weight of five adult men or a powerful motorbike. This makes tigers the third largest predator on land, just behind brown bears and polar bears.

  • Wiltopia invites children to discover exciting regions of our world worth protecting as well as their numerous animal inhabitants. Moreover, it combines play and learning in a unique way. The set includes a tiger, a meat bone, a bone and an animal knowledge card. The tiger can tilt its head, move all four legs individually and turn its tail.

  • An extra dose of knowledge: the Wiltopia web app offers additional great audio and video content and takes children into the animals' habitats. 

  • Wiltopia - Wonderful for the environment: Wiltopia is the first PLAYMOBIL product line to be made of more than 80% sustainable materials on average.
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