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Stacking blocks Inside rainbow pastel

Stacking blocks Inside rainbow pastel

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  • German Stapelstein's bricks invite children to move.
  • This set consists of three pastel coloured stacking bricks: red, orange, yellow, green, bleu and violet
  • You can sit in them, clamber on them, balance on them, ... .
  • Stapelstein®Inside elements are loadable up to 50 kg.
  • Sizes of Stapelstein®Inside: Inside S: Weight = 12 g, diameter = 93.5 mm, height = 42.2 mm Inside M: Weight = 38.4 g, diameter = 155.6 mm, height = 66.1 mm Inside L: Weight = 70.8 g,diameter = 211.1 mm, height = 87.6 mm
  • You can play with them both outdoors and indoors and the 'Stacking Stones' are resistant to water, saliva and even biting.
  • Suitable for children from 1 year of age.
  • The bricks are manufactured in Germany and use only materials from Germany and France, the short chain, but in the plastic sector. They organise their transport to their distributors in a climate-neutral way. The raw material is fully recyclable.
  • And yes, before we forget: the stacking stones are also stackable....
  • Tested by our Fairplace clambering children and approved.
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