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Mister Tody

Playhouse color-in

Playhouse color-in

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  • The Mister Tody playhouse is a cardboard house that comes in a cardboard sleeve, completely ready to assemble. The playhouse measures, fully assembled, no less than 90 x 94 x 86 cm. 
  • The complete package consists of: 2 parts to make the house + 2 parts to make the roof + a door + a chimney.
  • No tools are needed and all elements are included. Smaller children need some help from an adult, but the older ones can assemble it by themselves.
  • As the house is completely white, you can decorate it as you like: paint, colour, draw, ... .
  • Mister Tody is a 100% West-Flemish company that makes play sets out of cardboard. Most of the cardboard is recycled and can be completely recycled again. The packaging is also made of cardboard and is completely recyclable.
  • Suitable for children from 1 year old.
  • Tested by our Fairplace do-it-yourselfers and approved!
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