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Nailmatic nail polish set 'Hollywood' 5 colours

Nailmatic nail polish set 'Hollywood' 5 colours

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  • The Nailmatic nail polish is specially developed for children. Due to its composition, the nail polish is harmless, because it is water-based.
  • Each bottle contains 8 ml. nail polish
  • The Hollywood set of 5 colours contains a bottle of light blue, white with glitter, baby pink, powder pink with glitter and dark pink. The ultimate pack for the film set!
  • The nail polish can be removed with some warm water and soap. No dissolvant needed.
  • Your nails will change color in no time. Apply one or two coats, blow hard on the nails and you're done.
  • Made without organic solvents, without phthalates, without perfume, without formaldehyde and without toluene.
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