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Nature Calming stamps

Nature Calming stamps

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  • Relax by stamping repeating patterns of trunks, leaves and birds and create your own natural landscape!
  • The game includes 6 wooden stamps, 9 fold-out sheets and inks in 3 colours.
  • The complete set is packed in a beautiful cardboard packaging and everything is held together with a sturdy elastic.
  • At Fairplace, we have been fans of Londji for many years, a collective that keeps coming up with crazy things for children (puzzles, games, tattoos, craft sets, ...).
  • Suitable for children from 5 years.
  • Tested by our Fairplace stampers and they will not be without work for the time being.
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Fairplace heeft duurzaam speelgoed met hoge speelwaarde

Bij het selecteren van ons speelgoed baseren we ons altijd op 2 criteria: hoe duurzaam is het (eco, bio, fair, educatief) en hoe leuk is het voor kinderen (speelwaarde, spelplezier).