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Mölkky in wooden box

Mölkky in wooden box

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  • Mölkky is a game of skill, in which you try to knock over numbered poles with the throwing stick, the Mölkky. Whoever scores exactly 50 points first is won. If you roll more than 50 points, your points will be reduced to 25 and you have to roll again. Anyone who does not hit a pole 3 times is eliminated.
  • Suitable for outdoor play and made in Finland. For those who speak Finnish: Mölkky would be based on the Finnish name of 'wood block', namely 'pölkky' (and we don't make this up ourselves).
  • The set contains 12 poles and a throwing stick and comes in a sturdy wooden box, which you can take anywhere.
  • Suitable for children from 3 years and you play the minimum with 2, but also in teams.
  • This time also tested and approved by our Fairplace 50+.
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