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Wooden rainbow stacker - pastel

Wooden rainbow stacker - pastel

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Regular price €59,00
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  • Nine arch-shaped elements made of the highest quality layered birch wood. It is both a creative toy for children and a design piece for adults.
  • The rainbow is really versatile: children can build, sort, stack, and as they grow older, their imagination will open up the endless ways of using it. It can be a bridge, a tunnel, a fence, a house, a pyramid and so much more! Anything from learning colors to building sculptures!
  • It helps your child develop fine motor skills, tactile experience, attention, concentration, counting skills, patience and imagination.
  • The toy is crafted with the highest care and attention to every detail. All surfaces are particularly soft and smooth. Besides, because of the layered wood, it will never crack or break.
  • This version is finished in soft pastel colours.
  • It includes a wooden ball to create a maze (labyrinth) and a mallet to use it as a xylophone and to create different sounds and even melodies!
  • There are 2 finishes to choose from: a natural water based translucent coating or a colored coating that are both eco-friendly and completely safe to children.
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