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4M Toys

4M Weather station

4M Weather station

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  • The 4M weather station is there for the Philip Avery's in the making. And for the Alina Jenkins who lie awake at night when the rain taps against the attic window.
  • The set contains a windmill, a wind gauge, a thermometer and a pluviometer (you know, with which they measure the amount of rain).
  • By using all these instruments, you can predict the weather yourself in no time, after you have observed it thoroughly, of course.
  • Moreover, you mount all instruments on an empty bottle and the inside of the bottle can be used as a greenhouse to grow your own plants and to study the greenhouse effect.
  • 4M develops toy sets with which they want to teach children to interact with their environment and with which they want to test new technologies with children, including sustainable energy.
  • Tested by our Fairplace weather forecasters and approved (after a heavy shower).
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