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Wooden box with 1000 planks

This wooden box with 1000 Kapla building blocks is the ideal kit for children who like to set up large constructions. The sample book gives tips without having to use glue, nails or other extras. Sustainable FSC wood for sustainable play.
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  • Set of 1000 Kapla planks in a wooden box, including a book with 40 examples.
  • All planks have the same dimensions, based on the ratio 1:3:5 (or 3 thicknesses for 1 width and 5 widths for 1 length). This ratio ensures that you can build large constructions without nails, glue or other fasteners.
  • Kapla (short for KAbouter-PLAnkjes) are a very Dutch invention, but they are made in France.
    They are made of pine wood (Pin des Landes).
  • Tested and approved by the Fairplace building team.
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