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Wobbel XL - trial set

The Wobbel XL stimulates balance. It invites you to move and is suitable for young and old (and for everyone in between). It is a curved wooden board on which no one can stand still. With this test package, you can try it out for 10 days.
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  • A Wobbel XL is a fantastic fun thing. It's a crooked, wooden board on which the children wobble and wobble all day long. The XL is the big brother/sister of the ordinary Wobbel Original.
  • This Wobbel XL measures no less than 115cm by 40cm.
  • The Wobbel XL is tested for a weight up to 200 kg and suitable for children from 8 years, and yes: also adults.
  • If you want to test whether your child (or yourself) likes such a Wobbel XL, you can request this test package at Fairplace.
  • The Wobbel XL test kit consists of a Wobbel XL, packed in a sturdy cardboard box and a return label.
  • We will send you a Wobbel XL and you will get 10 days of testing time. After this period you will send the Wobbel XL back (the return ticket is included in the package).
  • If you decide to order a Wobbel XL from us, what you already paid will be deducted from the price. Convenient, isn't it?
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