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Wiltopia Capricorn

PLAYMOBIL Capricorn including accessories, animal knowledge card to collect and exciting audio content. With the Wiltopia series, children can discover animals and nature in their own world and immerse themselves in imaginative role-playing games.
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  • Did you know that ibexes are true climbing champions and are also called the 'kings of the Alps'. Only a few large mammals feel as comfortable in the mountains, at an altitude of several thousand metres, as the ibex. Thanks to their excellent climbing skills, ibexes can easily reach hard-to-reach feeding sites. The horns of ibex grow until the end of their lives - annually by two to six centimetres. So the longer an ibex's horns are, the older the animal! In males - the bucks - the horns grow up to 1 metre long and can weigh 10 kg or more alone. That is the weight of a large filled water bucket.

  • Wiltopia invites children to discover exciting regions of our world worth protecting as well as their numerous animal inhabitants. Moreover, it combines play and learning in a unique way. The set includes an capricorn, a rock with edelweiss and an animal knowledge card. The animal figure can move its head up and down and move all four legs individually.

  • An extra dose of knowledge: the Wiltopia web app offers additional great audio and video content and takes children into the animals' habitats. 

  • Wiltopia - Wonderful for the environment: Wiltopia is the first PLAYMOBIL product line to be made of more than 80% sustainable materials on average.
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