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4M Water Rocket

The 4M water rocket is a beautiful piece of engineering and play in one. It is a package containing a bottle, a cap, a valve and all the other parts to build a rocket.
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  • This 4M water rocket is a particularly spectacular STEM toy: using a simple physical law (which does not need to be memorised), children can launch the rocket more than 20 metres into the air.
  • The kit contains everything you need to build a water rocket (bottle, cap, base, hose). Attention: the set does not include the bicycle pump to build up the pressure.
  • How it works: you fill the bottle with a quantity of water (you choose it yourself), you put the cap on it, which is connected to the pump via the hose, you build up pressure in the bottle by pumping in air and when the pressure gets too high, the bottle shoots up into the air like a rocket.
  • The water rocket is safe: when it lands, the rocket is empty and weighs next to nothing.
  • 4M science in action wants to introduce children to forms of science in a fun way.
    Tested and found to be fantastic at children's parties at Cape Fairplace.
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