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Tualoop throwing game

Tualoop is a new, quirky wooden outdoor game to play in teams. Throwing and catching is the art. You each have 2 sticks in your hand. With these sticks you have to throw one ring, which you have to catch the other one. Made of FSC wood and bio plastic.
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  • Tualoop is an outdoor game for the whole family.
  • You play it against each other or with each other. One person launches the ring with 2 sticks, while the opponent tries to catch the ring with his/her 2 sticks.
  • The game contains 2 sets of sticks to throw and catch and the ring.
  • Tualoop is made of 100% natural material. The sticks are made of beech wood and the ring consists of Arboblend (a mixture of wood fibres, resins and glucose).
  • Everything is packed in a nice bag with the 'fairtrade' label.
  • Tested by our Fairplace team and found to be very nice.
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