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The Poop - set of 2 sand molds

These are 2 sand molds for the perfectly formed turds! They immediately put a smile on everyone's face. Ideal for the beach, in the sandbox, or in the garden of the neighbor.
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  • A brown and a pink sand shape that approaches the perfection of a beautiful 'heap': The Poop.
    Every time again the surprised faces of passers-by, neighbors, etc. when a perfectly formed 'turd' is on their way.
  • Due to its unique view, this shape will last year after year ...
  • We are curious about the first Poop sandcastles this summer.
  • From our friends from Neue Freunde in Germany, who also provided us with the Aqua Joe and the Captain Cork.
  • Suitable for jokers from 2 years old.
  • Tested by our Fairplace jokers and approved very quickly.
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