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Fairplace is a proud partner of these initiatives:

Cera: Cera is Belgium's largest cooperative. By joining forces, 400,000 partners want to invest together in prosperity and well-being. Cera invests in combating poverty, cooperative enterprise, art and culture, agriculture and horticulture and community care. 
If you are a partner in Cera, you can enjoy exclusive discounts at Fairplace through special offers. 

Yongo: With this cool money-saving app from the Belgian company vAG Insurance, children and young people can learn to save for a bigger present. Moreover, parents and family members can also save together for the bigger toys, for example a go-kart or a Fairplace trampoline. Find out all about it at www.yongo.be.

Pluspas: On this benefits platform, Flemish civil servants can shop at discounted prices in Belgian (web)shops. Fairplace is present there with vouchers in all sizes. Info on www.pluspas.be.