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Rear lifting unit

With this Berg lifting unit you connect the lift box, pallet fork or slide (to be ordered separately) at the back of your go-kart from Berg.
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  • Use the Berg rear lift unit to connect accessories to your Berg go-kart, such as the slide, pallet fork or lift bucket. So you can not only drive, but also really get to work with the endless possibilities that the lifting device offers.
  • The durable hitch is made of powder coated steel and is suitable for the following frames: XL Frame (BFR), XL Frame (BFR-3), XXL Frame (BFR), XXL Frame (E-BFR).
  • You mount the lifting device with screws at the bottom of the frame of the above models.
  • The lifting device weighs 5.8 kg.
  • Field tested and approved!
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