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Wobble XL with felt mouse grey

Wobble XL with felt mouse grey

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  • The Wobble XL stimulates balancing and balance. It invites you to move and to play inside. It is there for young and old, and for everyone in between.
  • Dutch design and made from 100% European wood from sustainably managed forests with FSC certificate. Varnish and paint are water based. The backside is covered with EKO felt, in mouse grey colour to be very specific.
  • The felt at the bottom of the Wobble is not only there to protect the Wobble, but also to protect floors and laminate against scratches.
  • The Wobbel XL has been tested for a weight up to 200 kg and is suitable for children from 8 years, and yes: also adults.
  • The Wobbel measures no less than 115cm by 40cm.
  • And what is it for? That's a question only adults ask. Children discover in a playful way what the Wobbel can be used for.
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