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Pikler triangle Climber set + wooden ramp + swedish wall naturel

Pikler triangle Climber set + wooden ramp + swedish wall naturel

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  • This climbing combination for the little ones is made after an idea by Dr. Emmi Pickler. Hence the name Pikler triangle.
  • According to Emmi Pikler, all babies are born eager to learn and curious. Your baby develops best when he can discover the world and himself as much as possible independently, on his own initiative and at his own pace. Movement, play and care are central to this.
  • Round bars at an equal distance from each other ensure that the little ones can already climb and conquer heights, at their own pace. Because the bars are equidistant from each other, the distance is also easier to estimate and this is very important, especially when they venture at the top of the step.
  • From 6 months, children already use this combination to straighten themselves. When they are older and already walking, they start exploring the heights little by little, and this in a safe way.
  • The climbing wall provides an extra challenging activity.
  • By making a small adjustment, you can also turn this triangle into a swedish wall to hang on the wall. The set also includes the suspension system needed to mount the climbing frame on the wall.
  • Made from FSC-certified Finnish birch wood.
  • In this version the bars have the beautiful natural color of birch.
  • Leg&Go is a family business from Latvia.
  • Fantastic design, with a lot of attention for people and the environment.
  • Dimensions: height 72cm, length 86cm and width 82cm. The climbing wall is 88cm long and 37cm wide and can bear up to 50kg.
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