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Tactic Games



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  • This petanque set from Tactic contains 6 metal balls, the small wooden ball to throw at ('le but'), and a measuring rope to check who is closest to the target.
  • The set comes in a sturdy nylon bag.
  • Petanque is played with 2 balls per player. Officially it is played 1 to 1 (tête-à-tête), or in a team of 2 (doublette) or 3 players (triplette).
  • You start by throwing 'le but' and throw the first ball. Whoever is closest to the small ball wins 1 point. Whoever wins, may start in the next round.
  • The team that collects 13 points first wins.
  • Suitable for children from 6 years of age, under supervision, up to 105 years of age (and more if possible).
  • Tested, with some pastis, by the Fairplace petanque team and, after endless discussions, as it should be, approved.
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