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Colouring poster Atlas with stickers

Colouring poster Atlas with stickers

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  • OMY's colour posters are printed on recycled paper and bio-inked. This poster measures 1m by 70cm. It is quite large and can be framed!
  • The whole world is printed on this surface: our round sphere became flat, a mortal sin, but it is full of fun drawings.
  • Our friends from OMY, poked and milled in France, are once again showing off their best side with particularly crazy drawings. You've never seen the world so funny!
  • Extra extra: 4 sheets of 150 stickers with drawings that you can find somewhere on the coloured poster and stick them over it.
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Fairplace heeft duurzaam speelgoed met hoge speelwaarde

Bij het selecteren van ons speelgoed baseren we ons altijd op 2 criteria: hoe duurzaam is het (eco, bio, fair, educatief) en hoe leuk is het voor kinderen (speelwaarde, spelplezier).