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HABA Dobbelkoning - het bordspel

HABA Dobbelkoning - het bordspel

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  • HABA Dobbelkoning is not only a popular card game, but now also a board game. Humans, dwarves, fairies, gnomes and elves have come together from all over the world to live peacefully in the kingdom. But it gets tight. New countries must be established! With skill and luck, the players throw the best cards to occupy as many spaces on the map that are connected to each other. Whoever manages to get the best places and the most gems wins.
  • Game for the whole family for children from 6 years.
  • Detailed illustrations guarantee atmospheric tension
  • Contents: 2 game board parts, 30 castle tiles, 60 citizen cards, 4 overview cards, 18 white gems, 6 gold gems, 6 dice, 15 dragon fires, 64 player chips, 1 manual.
  • Tested and approved by our Fairplace diceteam.
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