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BERG gocarts

GO² SparX Yellow

GO² SparX Yellow

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  • The Berg GO² is a balance bike and gocart in 1 model. It has foldable pedals.
  • Children 10 months and older first learn to pedal with the pedals folded down. Then easily unfold the pedals so that your child can get the first experience with the go-cart!
  • You can use the Berg Go² both outdoors and indoors and it has 4 silent whisper tyres. So virtually no noise when the smallest one is racing through the living room.
  • This version is yellow, black and blue and looks a bit tougher than the regular version in mint green, pastel blue and pink. There is also one in red, grey and black.
  • There are also handy extras available, such as a carrying strap and a push bar.
  • Suitable for children from 10-30 months.
  • The Berg GO² arrives in a box with a manual + the necessary tools for easy assembly. 
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