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Downtown - cardboard motorway

Downtown - cardboard motorway

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  • Waytoplay's Downtown Pack lets you create the perfect city to live, work and play. Create your city of the future with 20 unique circuit pieces.
  • Pack made from recycled cardboard and designed for indoor use.
  • The Downtown pack is fully compatible with Waytoplay's flexible circuits for small cars.
  • 20 pieces of extended circuit. Unique neon green urban marking.
  • Cardboard town center with a total length of 334 cm or 131.5 inches
  • Includes 8 straights, 4 large square pieces, 4 T-intersections, and 4 half-circle dead ends/cul-de-sacs
  • Created for indoor play: feel free to draw on the back!
  • For 3 year olds.
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