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BERG gocarts

XL B.Pure Blue BFR

XL B.Pure Blue BFR

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  • The Berg XL B.Pure Blue BFR, is the latest update of the classic among the classics. Berg's great go-kart.
  • A success for more than 25 years, and extensively tested in garden, street, field and forest.
  • Adjustable seat, ball bearing steering that makes steering even easier.
  • BFR stands for Brake, Freewheel and Reverse. So you can brake with the pedals, go backwards immediately after stopping and keep the pedals still while the gocart continues to bolt.
  • Dimensions: 156x86x81 cm and weighs 39 kg.
  • Manual included, which can also be found on Youtube.
  • Berg has been making top quality go-karts for years.
  • Tested by the Fairplace managers themselves (in their younger years) and still fantastic material!
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