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Kubb pro in rubber wood

The one and only original Kubb, in durable rubber wood. The game originates from the Vikings and it is a strategic throwing game. Throw over the blocks of the opponent, so you take them out. Whoever knocks over the king in the end, wins.
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  • This Kubb pro from Bex is a strategic game that can be played in a team as well as 1 against 1 and around which real championships are organized.
  • A set consists of 1 King (with crown), 10 rooks, 6 throwing sticks, 4 corner sticks, a cotton bag to store the game and the game rules of course.
  • The dimensions of the king are 30 x 9cm and the towers are 15 x 7cm, so the only real original competition dimensions.
  • This version of the Kubb is made from durable rubber wood.
  • Kubb is a game that the 'vikings' already played. You play it on a flat terrain (grass, sand, snow, ...) and you must first knock down all the opposing towers and then the king. If you knock over the king during the game, you are lost.
  • Bex is the Swedish manufacturer of the original Kubb's. Everything is produced according to very strict guidelines.
  • For all ages from 6 years old.
  • Tested and won by our Fairplace Vikings.
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