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Fire plane

This bath toy from Green Toys is not only made of recycled plastic, it also uses the bath water as extinguishing water (while the pilot is playing in the water).
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  • The Green Toys™ Fire Plane brings scoop-and-soar fun to a whole new level, and is the perfect complement to any bathtub fleet.
  • Using the handle on the back of the body, scoop in water through the front of the plane, then fly it high as water streams out from the back and bottom.
  • With a wide wingspan yet lightweight design, this aircraft is great for little ones and big kids alike.
  • The Green Toys toys are made from recycled milk bottles, making them perfect for children's hands. They are super strong and very safe.
    The Green Toys toys are made in a sustainable environment, with particular attention to people and the environment. It contains no BPA's, no phthalates and no PVC.
  • Suitable for children from 6 months.
  • When the mission is complete, flip down the door on the bottom to clean inside with a bottle brush, or put the whole vessel in the dishwasher.
  • Tested by our Fairplace firefighters and women and approved!
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