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4M potato clock

The 4M potato clock seems to have run away from 'boys and science'. The set contains all the necessary materials, wires, timepiece, metal rods, to really make a timepiece work via 2 potatoes, but also via 2 apples or 2 glasses of cola.
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  • This potato clock will amaze your child: via simple connections a clock is made and, you get the energy needed from 2 potatoes.
  • The designers of 4M Green Science try to teach children the fun principles of science.
  • The package contains: a digital clock, wires, jars, connecting wire, transparent tape, copper and zinc strips and a detailed explanation.
  • Can also be tested with other products (which, like the potatoes, are fortunately not in the package).
  • Tested and watched with amazement by the Fairplace scientific test team.
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