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Wishbone originated in New Zealand, when a designer had children of his own who wanted to learn to ride a bicycle. He designs, entirely according to his principles, the first Wishbone bike.

We are now many versions further, but the principles are still the same: adaptable, repairable, sustainable. The Wishbone bike is adjustable to the size of your child. The bike grows with you. With the wooden version you can turn the frame around so that the bike becomes a bit higher or lower and you can adjust the saddle in height. The other bikes, including the recycle version, have an ingenious system to adjust the height of the Wishbone.

Wishbones are also always repairable. You can order all parts at Fairplace if you have lost one or if a part becomes worn out due to intensive use.

The bikes are also durable, they are made to last for several generations. They are passed down in the family. If they are slightly more expensive to purchase, you can be sure that you will enjoy them for years, without them immediately breaking down