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Stapelstein is German and originated in Stuttgart, where Hannah König and Stephan Schenk first presented their new toys to the rest of the world in 2017.

Stapelstein has been developed to make children move: climbing, clambering, walking, keeping balance, ... . All this with a very simple instrument, the Stapelstein stacking stones.

These stacking stones are made from 100% EPP. EPP (or Expanded Polypropylene) is a plastic that is very light and particularly sturdy and dimensionally stable. In addition, EPP is also temperature resistant between -40C and 110C. This is a big plus, because you can clean the stacking stones at a high temperature, or even sterilize them if you ever need to.

Because the stacking stones are made of EPP and EPP is made of synthetic granules that are compressed under high temperature and pressure, you get beautiful, pure colors in the stones. You can opt for a confetti stone, with all colors mixed together.

And everything made from 1 material is also easily recyclable. These Stapelstein stacking stones are 100% recyclable.