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Quut is a Belgian brand that originated in Ghent at the design agency Pars Pro Toto. Since the beginning of Fairplace, we have been fans of QUUT, the beach toy and by extension QUUTOPIA, their bath toy. 

Quut that is a story of fun and crazy toys, but also toys that take away frustrations in children. How about a beach bucket, the Ballo, that you can't spill water with? Or an Alto tower set, to build sandcastles without the towers collapsing right away? Or the Pira, a pyramid set, where the pyramids of Cheops pale in comparison?

Quut's toys are made of sturdy plastic, which is virtually unbreakable. A long service life is assured.

Quut has been awarded the 'Red Dot Design Award' several times, the world standard in the field of design. After all, you can also think about toys.