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OMY (pronounced O-May, as in O My God) have been in our offering since our early days. OMY was founded in 2012 in Paris by Elvire & Marie-Cerise, after they were looking for their own collection as young mothers. They liked to see it big and started with their collection of giant color posters. The XXL color posters are still a hit. 1.8m long by 1m wide. More than table size and good for hours of coloring fun.

Their first collections have since been expanded with color posters in all kinds of sizes, but always with the same funny characters and themes. Each coloring poster gets its own strange twist.

In addition, they also developed sets with colored pencils, solid markers, wax crayons, ... .

We have been fans of OMY from the very beginning, not only because they work so close (Paris, that is just a stone's throw away), but also because they pay attention to sustainability. They mainly work with recycled paper and bio-based inks, and all their posters are printed in France.

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