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Moluk is a Swiss company, founded in 2011 by Alex Hochstrasser and his sister Doris. Alex is the creator and designer of the team. He's already got some crazy stuff up his sleeve.

From the beginning we have been wild about the Pluï rain cloud and the Pluï rain ball and the Bilibo has not only conquered our hearts, but also that of many parents and children.

Driven by a passion for great design, Alex strives to create innovative, sustainable products that invite children to real play. At a time when everything is becoming more virtual, Moluk offers toys that are completely manual, toys that let children move and explore, toys that stimulate their senses and mind.

There are no ON and OFF switches, batteries or complicated instructions - Moluk toys are powered by a child's imagination. Moluk toys are open-end toys. Play for the sake of playing.

The Pluï rain ball and Pluï rain cloud were not only awarded the 'science toy award' in 2016 (when STEM was not yet on the rise), but also with the 'Spiel Gut' label, which is only given to solid, imaginative, sustainable toys.