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Mister Tody

Mister Tody is a Belgian brand that makes toys from cardboard. Founded by Evelyne Depuydt in 2016, Fairplace has been a big fan from the start.

Mister Tody designs large cardboard playsets (playhouse, castle, fortress, rocket, pirate ship, ...) that are easy to assemble. You don't need anything but a pair of hands, so no tape, glue or staples.

The cardboard that is used is a minimum of 70% recycled material and can be fully recycled again. This means that Mister Tody uses raw materials in a particularly sustainable way. 

In addition to the large playsets, they also make smaller thematic craft sets as an addition (Tik Tak house, Christmas trees, ...).

Mister Tody is proud to carry the made in West Flanders label, 100% made in Zwevegem.