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Dantoy has been manufacturing and designing quality toys in Denmark for over 50 years. Dantoy is a global player in plastic toys that stimulate the imagination of children.

Since 2020, Dantoy has also been producing a lot of sets in bioplastic, with the remains of sugar cane as a basis for making their ecological plastic, their bioplastic. We have had these sets in our range at Fairplace ever since. The sets are strong and sturdy and have a natural raw material as a basis.

In addition, Dantoy now also produces its Grean Bean range. The residues of bioplastic, which remain during the production of their other toys, are processed in a separate, new series of toys. 

Dantoy carries the Nordic Swan label for its entire business operations, an eco-label that indicates that the company deals with people and the environment in a particularly sustainable way. Nordic Swan is one of the strictest European eco-labels.