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ClicsToys is a Belgian company that makes the well-known Clics building blocks in its own factory in the Kempen. the Clics building blocks are named after the sound they make when you attach them together. They click together nicely.

Clics have since become world famous as a very simple building system for making very large structures. Due to their square shape you can use them in all directions and you can build large volumes very quickly.

In 2021, ClicsToys resolutely switched to recycled plastic, for which they collaborate with fruit and vegetable companies in the region. Their collected packaging is crushed and reworked into construction toys. Meanwhile, all packaging (buckets, roller boxes, ...) is already made from 100% recycled plastic. The building blocks themselves already contain at least 50% recycled plastic.

Fairplace was a fan of the Clics concept from the very beginning, but when they decided to start working with recycled plastic, we completely changed the course and now also have Clics building blocks in our range.