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BERG onderdelen

BERG trampolines are solid, durable trampolines. They're specially designed to last. That's why BERG uses extra thick frames, thicker protective mats, longer springs, and solid jumping mats.

The legs of the frames have thicker walls than the frames of cheaper trampolines. This extends the life of your trampoline considerably. In addition, the frames are also galvanised and, for the Champion and Elite series, specially coated.

The protective edges which shield the springs have a solid mousse inside and are finished with UV-resistant plastic, which not only ensures a longer life, but also offers extra safety for the jumpers.

The springs of the BERG trampolines are all made of sturdy steel and have more revolutions than the springs of a cheaper trampoline. This increases the jumping comfort. In the Champion and Elite trampolines you also have the Twinspring springs, which provide extra jumping power thanks to their positioning around the bouncing fabric.

The BERG jumping fabric or jumping mat is specially woven to provide extra resilience. The Airflow Bouncing Pads on the Champion and Elite trampolines allow up to 50% extra air to pass through, giving extra resilience. 

To guarantee optimum safety, you can also fit a safety net to every BERG trampoline. These nets are specially adapted to the type of trampoline you have, or the requirements you have. There are the Comfort Nets, suitable for BERG Favorit trampolines, and the Deluxe Nets, for both Champion and Elite trampolines. For those who jump even higher, there are the DLX XL Safety Nets: 20 cm higher than the ordinary Deluxe Nets.

Fairplace is the authorised online dealer for BERG trampolines and can also help you with all accessories for your trampoline, such as an anchor set, a ladder or a protective cover.

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