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BERG gocarts

BERG has had experience in developing, producing and selling go-carts (or go-karts as they call them in the Netherlands) since 1985. It started with a simple, basic model, where sturdiness was paramount. 

Meanwhile, BERG has a very extensive range of go-karts, suitable for young and old. They have the Buzzy's, for the little ones to the XXL versions for adults. In addition, they also have a range suitable for rental and use in public domains. Fairplace can supply all models.

In addition to the sturdiness from the beginning, which is still highly valued today, BERG also pays a lot of attention to the long lifespan of their go-karts. We are all aware that go-karts are (can) be used very intensively and that different parts are therefore more difficult than others. That is why BERG has had a large stock of spare parts since the beginning. We at Fairplace also have access to this stock of spare parts, so that we can extend the life of your go-kart.

We are fans of BERG and BERG has been a fan of Fairplace for some time now. Together they provide a lot of fun. 

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