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Balloon cover 'Blocks purple'

The English BubaBloon has developed a special fabric that transforms an ordinary balloon into a durable, washable and reusable balloon.
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  • You use the BubaBloon balloon cover as a safe shell for a balloon, inflated to the size that fits in the hands of your baby, toddler or toddler. A fully inflated balloon measures about 25 cm.
  • BubaBloon bounces like a ball, floats like a balloon and is thrown like a volleyball, ideal for fun and safe play! The balloon doesn't even have to be buttoned up. You can keep on inflating
  • Each package includes a cover with 3 balloons. Almost every balloon fits in the BubaBloon balloon cover.
  • Made of 100% poplin cotton, is machine washable at 30°C and dries in the dryer on the cold setting.
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