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4M Recycled paper beads

The 4M bead machine is the best gift for the do-it-yourself jewelry designer. In a simple way you roll beads with recycled paper. You can thread them on a thread and make the most beautiful necklaces and bracelets in the world.
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  • This beading machine contains everything to make fun beads from old magazines: a beading machine, coloured paper, bead wire, glue and a glue brush.
  • Run out of paper? Then find the most suitable paper yourself: newspapers, magazines, wrapping paper, .... and an ordinary PET-bottle (for the machine).
  • 4M tries to convince children that you can make nice things with recycled parts, which they succeeded in doing with this machine.
  • Suitable for crafts children from 6 years of age.
  • Tested and approved by the colourful Fairplace craft team.
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